About Tanasha Smith

Registered Social Worker | Author | Practice Owner

Tanasha Smith is the principal social worker at the Mastery of Self Inc. She provides counselling to individuals, couples, families, and youth. Her greatest passion is to bring healing to people who have been through traumatic /stressful experiences. The goal for her clients is to help guide them into healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships with themselves as peaceful, gifted and wholesome beings. Tanasha emphasizes the importance of self-care and consistency; the transformation begins when the work on self is applied daily. She believes that letting go of the past takes time to unpack. There is no one-way approach that fits everyone. Our stories may sound similar, but the impact remains different. With over fifteen years of experience supporting youth and young adults, her goal is to guide her clients to believe that self-worth is the power to strive to be their best selves. Tanasha is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers
and the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two children and her dog.

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This book is based on my life story growing up in Toronto as well as the struggles that I went through with my mental health as a sexual abuse survivor.

Mental health is sometimes overlooked by negative influences such as social stigma. Social stigmas make it difficult for those in need and cause them to fear seeking mental health guidance. This book was written to give others hope that there is victory after the storm and to never give up on yourself.

By reading my book, the readers will understand that life challenges help build the path to our destiny. Self-worth is our power to overcome what life has to bring.

My story is my truth, shaped by my resilience, strength to love who I am, and believing in the power of my voice.