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Mastery of self inc., counselling services offers therapeutic services to nurture self-empowerment. Although seeking therapy can be challenging and uncomfortable, once you have decided to work with us, our services will help you discover your true self. With your commitment, we will assist you in gaining a new perspective of self-love. As you grow in the process, therapy will empower you to use your unique creativity and attain the goal of building a selfcare vault that will assist you on your future journey of mastering your best Self.

We are looking forward to connecting with you, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Our Values

We value confidentiality, professionalism, and privacy. Mastery of Self Inc. is committed to quality, evidence-based therapeutic practices to effectively help our clients improve areas of their life that include their spiritual growth, emotional and relational wellbeing.

We offer sessions in person or online. If you wish to seek an individual session to discuss your personal pathway, Mastery of Self will be glad to have a one on one session with you. At Mastery of Self Inc., we provide our clients with a therapeutic environment where no judgment takes place.

Making It Easier To Get Support

No Referrals Needed

Anyone can make an appointment at any time, even if you haven’t been to your doctor first.

Flexible Appointments

Appointments are flexible and adaptable to your scheduling needs whether it’s in-person or virtually!

Online Booking

Existing clients have the flexibility to book online appointments in advance to suit their schedules and needs!

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